Congratulations Parks4Life!

Congratulations to the 284 teams that played Santa Clara County Parks’ Parks For Life Challenge from Oct. to Dec., 2014.  8,300 adventures were submitted by the teams.  This was the first local derivation of Capture California, which is now being made available to local parks districts.

The overall winner of Parks For Life Challenge with audited proof of 3,665 points was team Yay!  Second place went to Team Armstrong Girls with 3,525 points. At one point during the season Armstrong Girls was in first for more than four weeks, but Team Yay! was able to capture first place with reported proof by the end of the game.

The Top 25 teams were extraordinarily competitive, with two teams separated with as few as five points!

Here are the final Parks For Life Challenge standings:
1. Yay!
2. Armstrong Girls
3. The Adventures of LeStemm
4. Vanessa Rox
6. Frittslazar
7. LizardKeeper
8. Dog+Dragon
9. Dinosaur’s Minons
10. Team Petunia
11. Big Chief Cinquefoil’s Traveling Shadowtails All-Star Hiking Club
12. Kiddos in Backpacks
13. RPG Adventurers
14. Panda Explorers
15. Fairy Ballerina Family
16. A leg
17. Horde Banner
18. Sparkling Oranges
19. Gnomenclature
20. Beautiful T-Rexes
21. Watch Out for the Bees!
22. Team Sunscreen
23. The Hiking Vikings
24. Team WooHoo
25. Ambitious Iguanas

Congratulations was extended to all challengers who participated. They played with energy, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.