How to Play Capture California

STEP 1: Sign Up

  • Organize a team of two or three members.  If there are four or more in your family or group, create additional teams.
  • Come up with a great team name. Can’t think of one? We’ll help you find the perfect team name using our Team Name Generator, during sign up.
  • Register your team for the game on our Sign Up page, and read and agree to the Game Rules.

STEP 2: Create A Team Flag

  • Make your own flag or use FlagMaker 5000 to create an awesome, personalized flag for your team. All flags must have “2013” prominently on them.
  • After you create a flag, print it out.
  • Team Flags must appear in each of the pictures or videos submitted, in order to determine that the photo is current.

STEP 3: On to the Adventures!

  • We’ve developed a List of Adventures for you to complete. Each has different points attached to it, and can be accomplished limited or unlimited times.  Some can only be done in very specific places, others can be done nearly anywhere in California.  There’s even a few you can do from the comfort of home. Feel free to pick and choose; they’re not in any particular order.
  • A great place to learn how to begin venturing outdoors is
  • Be sure to “Capture” a photo or video of your team doing the adventure (see what’s required in Step 4).  This constitutes “Proof” that you have completed the adventure.
  • If you’ve done all the adventures in your area, or those left aren’t your cup of tea, no problem. We add to the list, regularly. Plus, you can suggest adventures or communicate with us at any time by emailing to:  You can also friend us at
  • There are just a few things we insist you do.  First of all, have fun.  Then, use good judgment, always follow park rules, and Tread Lightly.  Finally, play safely and fairly.  Now, get out there on an adventure!

STEP 4: Post and Submit Proof

To submit Proof that you have correctly completed an Adventure:

  • Post a photo or video on any social media site, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine or YouTube. To qualify as Proof, the photo or video must include at least one of your team members and your team flag, unless otherwise noted.
  • Tag or caption the image with all of the following:
    1. The words “Capture California”
    2. The Adventure #
    3. Team Name
  • Login to   Click on your My Account page to submit proof.
    1. Select Adventure.  
    2. Paste link to the web page where your proof (photo or video taken showing selected adventure, team flag and teammate/s) is posted (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc.)
    3. Click “Submit Proof”

Capture California audits posts to assure that Adventures have been completed appropriately. Points are awarded accordingly. Incomplete, incorrect or fraudulent Proof receives no points. Click Here to see an example of correctly posted Proof.

On Facebook pages marked private or password protected, add Cali Parks as a friend, so that we can confirm your post as valid proof. 

Repeat step 4 to build your team’s point total! Teams with the most points are eligible to win prizes.

Rules of the Game

  1. Teams may register to play Capture California from April 15, 2013 through October 31, 2013.
  2. Teams must be comprised of two to three players.  Families of 4 or more players may split into two or more teams.
  3. Employees of The California Parks Company, including its affiliated companies such as: Urban Park Concessionaires, Inc. and California Guest Services, Inc., and members of their immediate households may play “The Game”, but may not participate for prizes awarded by “The Game”.
  4. Once registered, a team’s members cannot be deleted or changed.
  5. Should the team captain quit “The Game”, the team must re-register with a new team captain, under a new team name, and forfeits any points accumulated to that point.
  6. Should a team have two members and one quit “The Game” or should the team captain desire to add a third team member, the team captain may email to request the addition of a third team member.  In such case, the team captain must provide the team name, the new team member’s first and last name, identify if the new team member is under 18 years old, and must state that the team captain accepts all conditions of “The Game” agreement for the new team member.
  7. Should a team have three members and one quit “The Game”, the quitting team member’s spot cannot be filled by another person.  It must play with the remaining two members.
  8. Only persons who are registered as a team captain or team member may play “The Game”.
  9. The team captain must be 18 years of age or older.
  10. Adventures must be completed between May 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013.
  11. Capture California will specify an adventure’s point value when it is posted to “The Game” and that point value will not vary during the course of “The Game”.
  12. Capture California will specify whether an adventure is limited or unlimited as to how many times it may be completed, when it is posted to “The Game” and that point value will not vary during the course of “The Game”.
  13. Capture California may add adventures to “The Game” at any time during “The Game”.
  14. Capture California reserves the right to update the rules of “The Game” at any time.
  15. In order for a Capture California team to earn points, it must submit “Proof” of having completed an adventure.
  16. Proof is an Internet link to a photograph or video that has been posted on a social medium, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ that contains: a photograph of the competing team’s flag, at least one team member, and the keyword or tag, “Capture California”.  At least two team members must participate in an adventure for proof to be valid.  Proof determined to have been participated in by less than two members shall be deleted and points forfeited.
  17. Duplicate proof may not be submitted for more than one adventure, unless otherwise allowed by a bonus or as specified within an adventure’s description.
  18. Teams may make their own flag or use Capture California’s online tool, FlagMaker 5000, to create a personalized flag.  The flag must include the number “2013” prominently, in order to identify that the photo was taken during 2013.
  19. To qualify for points, Proof must be submitted to the Capture California website or its mobile application (app).
  20. Proof cannot be submitted earlier than May 1 nor later than October 31, 2013 and must depict adventures that the Team completed between May 1 and Oct. 31, 2013, only.
  21. Capture California players agree to participate with a spirit of good sportsmanship, to complete adventures as described to the best of their ability, to only submit proof completed by themselves, and to act responsibly and civilly toward others and toward the places they visit.
  22. Proof determined to have been manipulated (Photoshop’d) is ineligible.
  23. Should a team be determined to have submitted false Proof, the team shall be removed from “The Game”, its points forfeited and it be declared to be ineligible to compete for prizes.
  24. Capture California reserves the right to disqualify any team at any time, for any reason.
  25. Proof submitted by teams in contention to win prizes will be audited to assure that the submitted photograph: shows the team flag, includes a team member, depicts the adventure, and that no attempt to manipulate, deceive or cheat has occurred.
  26. Any tie for prizes will be broken with a flip of a coin. If more than two teams are tied, the tie will be broken with a drawing in which each team is given one entry.
  27. Teams do not have to be comprised of California residents.  However, all adventures must be completed within the state of California.
  28. Winning teams will be contacted by email.  Should a team’s email address be invalid, Capture California shall have no obligation to search for the team and any prize the team has won will be forfeited at the end of 2013.
  29. Winning teams may be asked to provide a mailing or shipping address to which any prize the team has won may be sent.  If an address is not provided within 30 days of the request, the prize shall be forfeited.
  30. Teams are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules of public and private lands on which they visit.
  31. Teams are cautioned not to put themselves or anyone else at risk while attempting adventures.
  32. Teams are advised to hike and recreate with a partner at all times.
  33. Teams are requested to minimize their impact on the environment when recreating and “Tread Lightly”.
  34. To assure that no unfair advantage is given to any team, Capture California, its game director and game coordinator, will not communicate with or respond to queries from team captains and/or team members between Oct. 11 and Nov. 10, 2013.  All team captains and members are advised to ask questions prior to Oct. 11.

Standings and prizes

  1. Grand Prizes will be awarded based on each team’s accumulated points for the entire season (May 1 – Oct. 31).
  2. Special Prizes will be awarded based on the most number of “different” adventures and the most number of “total” adventures for the entire season (May 1 – Oct. 31).
  3. Weekly Prizes will be awarded to teams that earn the most points in a given week. Teams may win the Weekly Prize once.
  4. Winners will be contacted by email.   It is the responsibility of team captains to inform of changes to his/her team’s team’s email, phone number or street address.  Capture California shall have no obligation to search for the team should the team’s contact information change, and any prize the team has won will be forfeited at the end of 2013.